Zevia Love

Today was a beautiful day here in NW Iowa, sunny, hot and so perfect for running. But since I can’t run I choose to walk. Over the past 2 months I’ve had to learn to give up my beloved running and take up walking. It was really hard at first for a hard-core runner like myself, but I feel better and better everyday. When I’m cleared to start running again I will definitely be right back into and maybe go a little crazy but for now it’s all about the baby:)
When done walking today I found a fun package on my front door step. A package from Zevia full of their wonderful diet pop varieties. I love this product so much and have reviewed it once before on this blog so when Margaret contacted me again to give it another review I was ecstatic to say the least!
I’m addicted to diet pop in general so having an all-natural kind made with stevia makes this love even sweeter! The varieties I got to sample were Twist, Orange, Cola, Black Cherry, Ginger Root Beer and Ginger Ale. I already tried the root beer today and my husband (who doesn’t drink pop) wanted the black cherry so bad so I let him have it. Of course I loved the root beer flavor, brings back so many childhood memories! My husband fell in love with the black cherry flavor and asked where we can buy it. I hope I can find some at Hy-Vee this weekend because I will be buying more already.

*My wall of Zevia sent to me free from a great company* 

So this is the fun part: A GIVEAWAY of one mixed 6 pack of this delicious pop. All you have to do is:

  1. Tell me your favorite diet pop flavor, if you’ve tried Zevia I want to know which one you like?
  2. Add me to your blogroll or google reader and leave a second comment telling me this.

This contest is open to U.S. Residents only and will run through Friday, August 27th @ 9pm central time!

One more thing. I took a picture of my breakfast for tomorrow that I pre-planned tonight. I love bread with peanut/almond butter and have it every morning with some grapefruit. So tomorrow it will be a Joseph’s wrap with some Skippy peanut butter all rolled up. Just thought it was a fun looking roll-up!