What a Week!

So I had no intentions of disappearing from blogging but life got in the way again!  My mom surprised me last Friday night by flying into town for the weekend for my birthday since  I couldn’t exactly be 4 hours away from home being 37 weeks pregnant!  We went shopping Saturday with my MIL and got some fun baby stuff, then went out to dinner: Mexican of course because I’ve been craving it like crazy.
Monday my actual 25th birthday was a good day in general. Started off rocky with an emotional pregnant woman breakdown. Went to work but was sent home and told to rest. I took a nap for the first time in forever and it felt great!
That night we went out to dinner again for my birthday, Mexican of course. Guacamole has never tasted so good. Still craving a margarita though:(
Tuesday was another doctors appt. where I was put on 1/2 days for work and was checked to be 2 cm dilated!  I’m really hoping that I go a little early because of how much pain I’m in and the no sleep I’m getting.
Wednesday my husband and I toured the hospital, although I already seen it and it’s really small. It will be perfect and I can’t wait to get it all over with. Also got a cortisone shot and some pain pills to get me through the next 2-3 weeks!

Food lately, besides Mexican, has been normal me:
Breakfasts – arnolds thin bun with peanut/almond butter with a grapefruit
Lunches – apples, cantaloupe, plums, any other fruits with some cottage cheese and walnuts/trail mixes
Dinners – salads consisting of lots of hot sauces, salsas or guacamole! and of course ice cream for dessert!

Pictures of meals will start again tomorrow, but in the mean time I got a package yesterday in the mail from a company that sent me their products I’m assuming to review on my blog. I wasn’t contacted by them, just randomly sent their products. But I’ve these on other blogs recently so I’m really excited to try this!

Terra Chips in 4 delicious flavors with the coolest chip bowl I’ve ever seen or a soon to used as Margarita holder when I can have one!

I’ve never had kabocha or carrots in chip form, but it sounds pretty good along with Mexican exotic vegetable flavor. Right up my alley as of lately.

Blue potato chips and the original, my husband was very skeptical but I can’t wait to dip in with some salsa!

Off to watch my Minnesota Gophers play some football. And enjoy the cool weather here in Iowa!

Do you watch college football? Favorite team?

Have you tried Terra chips?