Sorry for being MIA

Wow it’s been way too long and hope to never be gone again, missed posting, reading and commenting so much:) We are all moved in to our new house, finally got internet, no TV, and my parents came this past couple days to help with little projects!

I’ll start out with my new running shoes because my other ones had almost 1,000 miles on them, I can’t believe I let them go that far. I was having a lot of foot, shin and knee pain, so I new it had to be the shoes and I shouldn’t have bought Nike it the first place, never liked them. My MIL bought me my favorite Asics for an early Christmas present and I love them. No pain and so much more support!
This I also bought on our running shoes trip, something I’ve been eyeing for the new house, I can’t wait to hang it somewhere!
Another happening in this household is Lizzy got her claws removed so now my new couches won’t have holes the other ones she destroyed.
This morning we woke up to the 2nd snowfall of the season here in Iowa and my hubby went out and shoveled before work, he doesn’t know I took this picture and would be mad if he knew I was putting it on here. I think he looks cute in his MN Gopher hat and sweatpants:)
The one and only food picture of the day is this new sherbert I found at Walmart, love anything pineapple so I hope this doesn’t dissapoint. WE just went grocery shopping last night so hopefully some exciting food will enter my life again. I found greek yogurt at Walmart and will be trying some new things that I’ve recently seen on other blogs!
One last picture to leave you with today of my favorite room in the house so far: Our new bedroom comforter and the colors on the wall, that I didn’t even have to paint!
Have you gotten snow wher you live yet or are you lucky and live in a warm climate?