Salad Toppings

I got 9 hours of beauty rest last night and it felt great. I woke up ready for anything so I did some Yoga and then ordered a new comforter for my new bedroom at my new house! Decorating a new space thats actually my own gets me really excited!

Breakfast was a quick Clif Mojo bar, which I love, probably my new favorite bar. Too bad I can’t buy them here in Iowa:(
The sweet and salty flavors of these bars are so perfect and of course I paired it with some P.B. Loco peanut butter. (I’ll be doing an official review of these tomorrow.)
Lunch was something I was craving for a while and usually I want/need fresh fruit for this time of the day but instead I microwaved 4 eggs with cheddar cheese, pepper and then topped it with salsa and a Sunshine Breakfast burger. I don’t know for sure if I really liked this veggie burger, I think I need to try it with bread or on it’s own.
Eggs hit the savory spot though.
I haven’t showed my dinners on here lately because I’ve been eating for free at work the leftovers from the residents dinner, but thats getting old fast. I need more fresh options and I love salads for dinner, so I picked up some lettuce/romaine packets and plan to take these to work from now on.
This one included some black beluga lentils from TJ’s and a laughing cow french onion wedge.
I’m in need of some more delicious salad topping ideas, from veggies to grains to meats to dressings, have any ideas?