I wish the title was about the weather but unfortunetely we have a blizzard on our forecast here in Iowa and I’ve shoveled twice and it’s still covered, just can’t win!
I went to the gym earlier to run, it was scary driving there and the whole time I was at the gym running I was really nervous about driving home. My car does not do well in snow and I’m thinking about walking to work in this blizzard to avoid driving.
I ran 3.5 miles at for 28 minutes and it felt great. Tomorrow is going to be 8 miles and I’m going to try for a slower pace. We are also going to pick up our couches in Sioux City tomorrow. Hope the weather gets better:)

I also tried a new recipe/food venture today. I’ve been seeing carrot fries all around the blog world so I gave them a while and did the whole bag so it would last me a while!
Here they are all prepped and ready to get baked:
On the way into the oven I put on some EVOO, lots of random seasings and S & P. 425 degrees for about 15 minutes and they came out glorius and thats when my camera decided to die on me:(
I’ll show you pictures of them tomorrow because I tasted them right out of the oven and now can’t wait to eat them everyday!

Off to work I go, think I need to put on snowpants and snowboots:) Stay Warm!