Recent Loves

So glad everyone loved my NuVal story and all that I leaned about that and I hope you did too.
I’ve otherwise been really busy because we bought a house!!! You can find a picture and some details of it here, but I will post more when we move in in 15 days:)

I’ve also been running alot lately because its been 60 degrees almost every day which is crazy because it should be snowing this time of year.
On Thursday I went outside for 12 miles and finished it in 1 hour and 50 minutes. I was just enjoying the beauty of the leaves and pefrect weather that day.
I rested on Friday because my knee was bothering me a little, so I wrapped it and put some IcyHot sort of stuff in it.
This morning I felt great again so I tackled 7.2 miles in exactly 60 minutes on the treadmill while watching Food Network.

This has been breakfast for the past 2 days, love the combo of crunch, banana and nut butter, although I have to say these peanut butters are getting a little sweet for me:( I have one more full jar of White Chocolate Wonderful if someone wants it:)
I tried a new thing yesterday: Cut open a POM pomegranate!
It was so easy and glad I finally tried it. It willbe perfect on oatmeal, with greek yogurt or on a salad.
The color is so amazing and the taste is so fresh, these were only $1 too at WalMart.
Another love recently is Blue Bunny Bunny Tracks, it’s very local to me because the plant is 20 mintues from my house and it’s really cheap. It’s great for when I come home from work late at night for a little snacky before bed.
And my final lastest obbsession is LaCroix, I love that it’s flavored waterand so many great kinds. I think I could drink the whole case in one day. I’m trying to get more water and although straight plain water is better I think this is better than diet pop at the moment. I still get lots of plain water as well.

I got an e-mail the other day about a contest being put on by Vita-Mix called Pinch Me.
“Credited with creating the fist informercial in the U.S., Vita-Mix, the world leader in high performance blending equipment, today announces, “Pinch Me,” – a national video competition to discover the next great Vita-Mix demonstration star. The winner, voted on by the public and chosen by Vita-Mix, recieves a Grand-Prize of $10,000 and may star in an upcoming Vita-Mix television commercials and web-based video.
Participants must showcase their skills with a Vita-Mix blender and are judged on their video’s creativity, popularity and overall quality. As the competition progresses, Vita-Mix will air highly-rated submissions on national commercials, to drum up support for the leading videos and further publicize the contest. Vita-Mix is offering over $20,000 in total prizes including the single Grand Prize of $10,000 cash.
In 1949, Vita-Mix created the world’s first television infomercial during which Vita-Mix Founder William G. “Papa” Barnard demonstrated everything the Vita-Mix machine could do and began America’s love affair with the infomercial. A commitment to personal demonstration continues to guide Vita-Mix’s marketing efforts to the present day; Vita-Mix demonstrates its professional-quality machines in over 2,000 shows every year in the U.S. alone.
The newest Vita-Mix machines certainly lend themselves to demonstration since they do the work of 10 kitchen appliances and perform over 50 different processes. These include five that no other single kitchen appliance can execute as flawlessly: making ice cream, grinding grains to make flour, kneading dough, making whole food juice, even making piping hot soups heated by nothing more than the blades spinning at 240 MPH.”

For more information on “Pitch Me!” or to submit a video, visit VitaMix TV.

Also P.B. Loco contacted me to tell my readers of there offer for a FREE jar of one of their peanut butters. This is a company out of Minneapolis so that makes me evenhappier to support it and there used to be a P.B. Loco store at Mall of America, it was awesome!

Spend $30 or more at and receive a FREE jar of P.B.Loco Dreamy Creamy Peanut Butter. To redeem this coupon, place $30 or more of merchandise in your shopping cart at Enter coupon code BLOG1209 when you checkout. A free jar will be added to your order. Offer expires December 25, 2009.