Packing Again

How was everyone’s weekend, mine was filled with planning for my new house!

I think my breakfast oatmeal this morning says it all:
With Newman’s Organic’s crackers and POM seeds, great combo.
And of course some P.B. Loco peanut butter. I love this flavor, total A+ in my book, now to find the bigger sizes in the store.

Lunch was the last of my Oikos 🙁 with the rest of my POM seeds and a granola/coconut blend. So rich and creamy, I’m definetely going to miss this. When I go home for Chirstmas though I will make a bee line to Whole Foods to stock up:)
All mixed up in the cup!
I got some new samples in the mail, I’ve been wanting to try Bragg’s products for a while after seeing the stuff on so many other blogs. I’m excited to try it out and then will decide if I want to buy a big bottle.
I think I’ll try some Liquid Aminos on my salad tonight at work, but the other one’s I don’t know, any suggestions?