My daily eats

So my day started out later than usual. I’ve been trying to get as much sleep as possible before baby comes and it’s really hard! I’m very uncomfortable and I don’t “sleep in.” Breakfast was unpictured because I’m still trying to get back into this blogging thing and was so hungry I forgot! It was some grapefruit and some Hawaiian bread (my favorite carb, don’t care that it’s white bread!) Lunch was my favorite combo, which I have almost everyday anyways but today it was with a really, really good Braeburn apple from New Zealand. It’s really hard to find good fruit here in NW Iowa so when I find a good one I stock up lots!

I work 11-7pm these days being on light duty and having a herniated disk. It’s pretty laid back and I get to sit outside, paint nails and do puzzles with the elderly. I work at a Nursing home as a CNA and am in school for my second degree in Nursing. Came home to hot and humid weather, watched the hubby mow the lawn and turned the AC back on:( I wish it would cool down just a little, I hate AC and would rather have windows open 24/7. Dinner will be shown in steps. I always have some kind of salad for dinner. So many variations and yummy combos so I can never get sick of them! Tonight started out as a bed of broccoli slaw:


Added protein of kidney beans: 




Raw pizza crackers, so good! 


Here is the package: 


And my “dressing” tonight is salsa with a side of my kitty, Lizzy!