Fashion Friday

Since it was my birthday on Monday I have been online shopping/browsing for a while for the perfect present. I’m a purse hoarder/lover and knew that’s what I wanted. But I’m very picky and like quality ones. So enter Anthropologie, which I’ve never been to but heard so much about through other bloggers. This is what I found and ordered for a reasonable price because I’m a bargain girl too!

I can’t wait until it comes and I can use it!

Onto food for the day. It’s really hard to get good lighting in my house. I’m trying different things, so this morning was on the living room floor with my grapefruit juice and arnolds thin peanut butter sandwich.

I love using my Amazing grass bottle for all beverages, it’s perfect. And those arnolds thin buns are the best invention ever. So light and chewy, moist and dense. The peanut butter I used was from Target that I get when I was home in Minneapolis. I think it was called white chocolate cranberry? It didn’t last very long in my house, actually no peanut butter does.

Lunch was my favorite combo ever: an amazing braeburn apple, cottage cheese and some walnuts. The apples right now in this area are so good. I can’t wait until honeycrisp come out though. I hope I don’t get sick of them before Fall really starts!

I’m now waiting for the husband to get home. Tonight is either going to include High School football or a trip to the wonderful Sioux City for some fun.
Only 2 more weeks till the little one comes and I want to take full advantage of the time with my husband.

What’s your favorite fruit right now?