1 week countdown

As most of you can tell I’m consumed with house stuff right now, making sure the loan goes through, insurance and most importantly decorating in my head and buying new stuff! I’m SOOO excited.

I’m starting off today with a REVIEW:
P.B. Loco sent me 2 samples of their amazing products, which I already loved in the first place, but trying these 2 flavors solidified the amazing taste of their peanut butter.
1. Chocolate chip Cookie Dough is like heaven because who doesn’t love peanut butter and cookie dough together. It wasn’t too sweet and perfect on bread, bananas, oatmeal or cereal.
2. Jungle Banana has a slight banana taste to it and it tasted like I was eating a banana when I ate it with my meal.
I want to try some more of their amazing flavors and because they are a Minneapolis based company I know I will have no trouble finding them when I go home for Christmas. I give both of these flavors a grade of A!
They also sent me some recipes with the samples for Chocolate Filled French Toast and Loco Banana Bread, can’t wait to try either!

Breakfast was another Clif Mojo Bar and a very ripe banana. A lot of peoplehave been saying their preference with how they like their bananas lately and I definetely think I like mine a little greener and less ripe:)
Lunch was random, quick use up fridge stuff! I want to get rid of a lot of stuff here to start fresh in our house. My mom brought me this greek yogurt a while back and finally got to it. It says it’s only 1 serving, but it’s a little much for me so I had half.
Also a juicy pear, haven’t had one in a long time. I used to eat these like water a few years back with blue cheese or gorgonzola. I think I need to bring cheese back in my life like that for some creative salads.
Speaking of creative salads you guys totally rocked the salad topping comments, such great ideas and can’t wait to try some.
But for now tonights salad will basically be the same as the other night but with a little “burger” action that I bought a while back, Boca Burger.i have high expectations for imitation “meats or substitutes so I hope I like it.
Two more nights of work, 1 more week at the in-laws and Thanksgiving next week, such craziness happening soon!

What are your Thanksgiving plans, traveling or staying home?